How to Open xml File Format :- [A Complete Guide]


.XML files or files having a.XML extension are files that store data. Humans, as well as machines, can read the information. It has been conceived by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

It has various tags that can be used to identify objects. It is kind of similar to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

However, you need to know the various ways by which you can open or access.XML files.

I have illustrated the features of some of the applications and that too on various operating systems that you can use to open.XML files.

Open xml file

Using a Browser

It is pretty easy to open.XML files using a browser. Further, web browsers have a better interface compared to traditional text editors. I have explained in some steps how you can do it:

  • Go to the target file and from the list of options choose the desired browser on which you would want to open the.XML file.
  • The file will open in the browser, and unlike some text editors, the browser will indent your nested tags thereby adding to the convenience.
  • You can also customize the way the file looks with the help of the options available in the browsers. For example, you can zoom in or zoom out using the respective options.


For Windows


Microsoft Visual Studio

It is one of the most versatile applications available that can open.XML files. It has its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The code editor available here has provisions for editing yours.XML files by background compilation, specific highlighting of the syntax, and completion of the code. You can also debug yours.XML file from the editor using the debugger available. This application also supports other programming languages.

This application can also be used to create other programs and applications for Windows. There is a wide range of options for customizing this application. The main file extension for Microsoft Visual Studio is.SLN.

Altova XMLSpy

The Altova XMLSpy is a text editor dedicated for Windows that can be used to open.XML files as well as create applications of.XML format. It has some easy accessibility options like providing different types of ways to look at the content (text, grid, Schema, WSDL). It has its own Integrated Development Environment that can pave the way for various kinds of editing graphically. There is also a debugger available along with tools for analysis.

This application can be used for handling tough projects. However, the price tag is steep when compared to its rivals. Its main file extension is.XML.

For Mac

Bare Bones BBEdit

This application available is Mac OS is designed specifically for web-related operations that have to be done on files, including the opening.XML files. The editor is versatile in the sense that it has color provisions for syntax as well as code correction facilities. The interface is super friendly in terms of tools related to HTML and CSS, thereby eliminating by a large scale, the probabilities of typing in faulty or misspelled code.

This editor also has provisions for supporting multiple programming languages. It is vastly popular among web developers. However, the price tag for this editor is certainly not low.

The file extension in case you want to save a project is.BBPROJECT. Its main file extension however is.BBPROJECTD.

Adobe Dreamweaver

It is an application that can perform a vast array of web-related applications, opening.XML files being one of them. It has its own Integrated Development Environment and an editing interface (WYSIWYG) that can create HTML code on its own although you can write HTML code manually as well. You can edit you.XML files with ease here as there are features for syntax coloring, and ready-made suggestions available while writing code. You can also preview your files beforehand, which massively adds to the sphere of convenience.

This application is immensely popular among professional web developers. It also supports multiple programming languages like most of the high-end text editors. Its main file extension is.DWT.

For Android


File Viewer

This standard application available on most Android devices can be used to access TAR.GZ files. Also, the application can support a lot of other file formats as well. This application can be used to access hidden files and metadata as well, which is crucial for users who want to work on those. In case you have not got an inbuilt file manager in your system, you can always choose one from dozens to install, from the Play Store.

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