Open QBO File – Import and Convert Quickbooks Online Bank Statement File

There are times when, as a Quickbooks user you end up facing issues with an error or are stuck with a functionality of the accounting software. However, Intuit Inc-owned Quickbooks does its best to make the user aware of all the errors and functionality related. But there are some issues that can be tackled on your own without the direct support of Intuit. One of these common issues is related to the QBO file extension of Quickbooks. Through this article, you will learn to open QBO file in Quickbooks desktop software

What Is a QBO File?

The .qbo file is linked to Quickbooks software data. This file extension is one of the many extensions that are used with Quickbooks. Mainly, the QBO is a file extension used for an electronic bank statement. This statement is generally downloaded from a bank or a financial institution’s website linked with Quickbooks. The QBO file extension can be taken as an abbreviation of the Quickbooks Online Bank statement.

Since Quickbooks is Intuit-owned accounting software, it has various functionalities in the domain. Among all these functionalities, there are several web-based features too. These features enable functionalities related to online banking and transactions. So, you can do bill payments, online banking assessments, and payroll functions directly through Quickbooks. The QBO file format is greatly related to the online banking feature of Quickbooks.

Open QBO File in Quickbooks | General Instructions

Opening the QBO file extension in Quickbooks software can be a bit tricky if you are unaware of the exact procedure. There are some important changes that are needed to be made in the Quickbooks software before you can open a .qbo file in the Quickbooks software. However, before you can open a QBO file in Quickbooks, you will have to import it into the software. Follow the steps given below to easily Open and Import .qbo file in Quickbooks

Important settings to be done before opening a QBO file in Quickbooks

As per expert recommendations, a few things must be ensured before importing a QBO file into your Quickbooks. It is advised that before importing a qbo file format, as a user you must ensure:

The Quickbooks account that you are willing to import the qbo file into does not have any yellow strike icon. To check this check the steps mentioned below

  1. Click on Lists in the Quickbooks Desktop menu
  2. Select the Charts of Account option in this menu
  3. If you see the Lightning Bolt icon reflecting next to the name of an account, it means that the account is online and is linked to direct downloads
  4. You will have to disconnect it and take it offline before you can import a QBO file into it. To disconnect the account and take it offline follow the steps further.
  5. To disconnect, right-click the account and select the ‘Edit account’ option
  6. Next, click on the Bank Feed Settings, under this tab choose the  Deactivate All Online Services, if required.
  7. Ensure that there is no yellow Lightning Bolt icon reflecting now once you have made the change.
  8. Once you are sure that the account is now disconnected and is offline you can now go ahead and open qbo file into Quickbooks desktop.

Best method to open QBO file in Quickbooks

Experts suggest that you should never double-click the QBO file to open it. This is because double click gives your computer permission to directly access the file and you are at the mercy of your computer then. As a best practice, here are the steps that a Quickbooks user should follow to open a QBO file in Quickbooks

  • Open the Quickbooks software
  • Navigate to the File menu in the Quickbooks menu bar
  • Here, select the Utilities option
  • Next click on Import
  • Under the import section, locate the Web Connect files options and click on it
  • Here you get to pick the .qbo file you want to open in Quickbooks

How to Import QBO file into Quickbooks | Official Expert Suggestion

To import QBO file in the Quickbooks directory, you will java to follow the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: Download the QBO file you want to import to Quickbooks and save it in an accessible folder on your computer

Step 2:  Open Quickbooks and navigate to the Banking Menu

Step 3: Here, select the Bank Feeds, and in that choose the Import Web Connect Files option

Step 4: In the window that opens, choose the QBO file you saved on your computer and click on Open

Step 5: Next you will be prompted to Select Bank Account,  here

  • You can use an existing Quickbooks account if the bank account you are importing transaction into is already set up properly
  • Or, you can make a Quickbooks account, if the account you are importing transaction into is not linked up or is on QuickBooks
  • Once done, a dialogue box will open suggesting that the date has been successfully read into Quickbooks

Step 6: Once, done Click on OK to save.

Step 7: Further, navigate to the Bank Feeds Center. Here you can review your transactions from the file that you imported.

Open QBO file in excel | Steps to follow

To open a QBO file in MS Excel, you will have to follow the above steps to import a QBO file into Quickbooks. Once, you have imported the .qbo file format into Quickbooks, then you can access and open the QBO file.

Since the Quickbooks software only supports Excel/CSV files, you can further download this list that you imported through the QBO file into a CSV file format or XLS file format.

Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

Q. How do I convert QBO to CSV?

You can do it by importing the QBO file to Quickbooks and then download the bank statement into a .csv format. Alternatively, you can use an online convertor to convert your .qbo to a .csv file format. However, Since the file contains information related to banking and transaction it is best to be very cautious about it. We suggest you be wary of using any 3rd party medium for any such action as this can be subjected to data theft or loss.

If you are unable to access your QBO file, then use a registered and licensed Quickbooks account to access it. The steps to open a QBO file are mentions in this article.

Q. How do I open a QBO file in Windows?

Experts suggest not to double-click on a .qbo file extension to open it on Windows. To open a QBO file in Windows, it is suggested to use a licensed Quickbooks Desktop software. This is the most secure and reliable way to access your Online Bank Statement File on Windows.

Q. What is the QBO file format?

QBO is a web file format that is used in Quickbooks software. It is an extension used for Quickbooks Online Bank Statement File. At times, various financial banking institutions issue electronic bank statements through the download section of their website in QBO file format.

How do I save a QBO file?

To save a QBD file you need to follow these steps

  • Import a QBD file into the Quickbooks Desktop Software
  • Now backup your Quickbooks data by navigating through “File -> Back Up Company -> Create Local Backup”
  • Further, select the local backup and click on Next
  • Then, select Save It Now and click on Next
  • When prompted, confirm the file name and click OK
  • It is Done

Alternatively, You can download a QBD file from the download section of your online banking.

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