What is RAR File ? : [ How to Open RAR File]

First of all, let’s know what RAR files are? Also, one must know what kind of files are these. Which operating system support RAR files? All questions will be answered in this article, so make sure you read the whole article carefully with due interest.

Initially, let’s know what RAR files are and what are these types of files called or to which category they belong to.

RAR files are a native of an archive program called Winter. The only thing is that it isn’t free like the RAR files. RAR files are usually files that contain other files or folders which are in a compressed form. This tells us that these files are compressed and stored in your computer, unlike other files and folders. These RAR files need special software to extract and get access to these files. You have to extract or decompress these files.

RAR files are usually opened when you have to deal with or install software on your operating system. File sharing websites and software distributors usually make use of RAR files. They use RAR files to compress the software files which are large or take up huge space. Hence, this software is compressed and made available to you.

It will help you save a lot of downloading time. In addition to this, RAR files can be password protected and encrypted. This will help you keep confidentiality. The RAR files come to you as a little-box with a lock that is filled with your precious data. It can store any kind of files, like pictures, videos, folders, documents, or any other file.

Open rar file

You might have come across a situation where you have to share pictures and videos of a ceremony with your friends, but these files are huge and cannot be easily shared. At such times you can use RAR files. You can compress this file and then share the same.

To open a RAR file double click the file to open it. However, you need specific software to extract or open the file. If your computer has the software, you can open the desired file. Or else you will have to download un-RAR tools. 7-Zip or WinZip are the few options to extract your files.


  • Initially save the RAR file on your desktop or in a trusted place.
  • Then launch the downloaded WinZip from your start menu.
  • When you open WinZip, you have to open the compressed RAR file that you wish to unzip. Click on file>Go to the folder>double click to open.
  • Select all the files by pressing the CTRL button and left-click on the files to be extracted.
  • Choose to unzip to PC or Cloud in the Winzip toolbar that is available in the menu bar.
  • Choose the destination where the files are to extracted and click unzip.
  • Your files will be extracted to the destination where you wanted them. You can now access these files just like any other normal folder.


  • After installing the 7-Zip file, every time you deal with a zip or RAR file, you will be directed to the 7-Zip application. It will help you decompress these files after following a few steps.
  • From the start, the menu opens the 7-Zip File Manager. After the file manager is opened, go to Tools>Options.
  • Then select rat from the dropdown list of file types>choose + button.
  • Save the changes by clicking OK from the option.
  • You can also unzip the RAR file by right-clicking on the file and choosing 7-Zip>Open archive.
  • Select the files to extracted at the destination and click Extract files.

You will be able to extract RAR files by following the above steps carefully. You can either use WinZip or 7-Zip to unzip any compressed file. One must note that RAR files can be accessed on any operating system. So don’t worry, you have a different operating system than Windows. This will help you access the files easily and make your daily lives simpler.

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