What are PDF Files? : [How to open, save and print Pdf file]

It is to no one’s surprise that what are PDF files and what are they used for. PDF files are used by students, professors, corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, etc. for a variety of purposes. We encounter PDF files on a day-to-day basis and are indeed very common to all. But for once what exactly these files mean? How do they work? And how to open PDF files? We will know about this in the following article, so be ready for an informative ride in the world of PDFs!


PDF is an abbreviation for Portable Document File that was introduced to the world by Adobe Systems in the 1990s. Initially, it was introduced to serve as to present documents, pictures, or slides to the public in general. It serves the purpose to view documents without the help of the actual application that created the document in the first place.

Nowadays you’ll see ebooks, brochures, itineraries, flyers, and job applications being presented to everyone in pdf format. It has been the universal way to present documents of any kind. It can now save web pages with all formatting in a pdf and use it for later references.

All sorts of Microsoft Office applications support being saved as a pdf. In a pdf, you cannot alter or change any information, graphics design, hyperlink, embedded fonts, videos, or pictures. PDF doesn’t rely on the source application that created it. It very much self-sufficient and serves the purpose correctly.

To one’s surprise, you can open pdf files directly on web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. You can directly go to the official website from google and open a pdf file with the help of it. We will discuss this in detail in the later parts of this article.

PDF extension file


It is one of the easiest things you will encounter today. The Adobe Acrobat Reader helps every operating system to view to edit PDF files. As the PDF files do not depend on any other software applications, it solely depends on the Adobe Acrobat Reader. And hence, this Adobe Acrobat Reader can be opened on any operating system. This means you never have to worry about its complexity.

  • So first of all, to open any PDF file download the Adobe Acrobat Reader that is available on its website.
  • Make sure you download the program carefully.
  • A shortcut will appear on your desktop post-installation.
  • You have to double click and open the PDF file, as for most users, the reader will open automatically.
  • However, if it doesn’t open with the Adobe application, then you must right click on the pdf file>open with > click on Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Enter the password if it is password encrypted. You cannot open a file if you don’t know the password to it.

Sometimes, Adobe Acrobat may come up with some compliance problems and restrict you to open the file using this application. At such times, one can download any third-party reader. There are dozens of applications in the market that help you solve your purpose.

  • Try installing third-party operators that would solve your problem.
  • You can also rely on the online services that let you use the Pdf viewer on the online website itself. There are online webpages that serve this purpose.
  • You can open the pdf with only three simple steps:
  1. First, open the website you desire to use to view your PDF files.
  2. Find the dropbox where you can drop your file, then either browse the file or drag the file onto the Dropbox.
  3. After locating the file, click on the view pdf file button. This will help you open and see the PDF file.

When it comes to Mac, there are inbuilt applications that support a variety of files, and hence so do the PDF files. You just have to locate the desired file and double click to open the same. For most users, the PDF viewer must work smoothly while sometimes, despite having the viewer it might show trouble opening the file. In such case, right-click on the file > select “open with” > then click on the desired application in which you want to open it.

This will solve most of your problems and help you work smoothly when it comes to PDF files.

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