CR2 File Extension- How to open in easy steps?

CR2 file extension is a very common file extension for people who are using a Canon digital camera. This file extension represents that the file is produced by the Canon Digital camera and this contains images in the same format in which it was captured. The images present in this format are uncompressed so that size is comparatively high. If you have come across a CR2 file and you don’t know how to open it, this article is for you. In this article, we have mentioned all the applications that you can use to open the CR2 file on your system. Some of the applications that we have mentioned are paid and some are free so you can decide which one you want to choose to open a CR2 file on your system. Stay tuned to the article till the end to know more about the CR2 extension files.

List of applications to open a CR2 file

File viewer Plus

How to open CR2 file

You must have heard about the tool. This tool is very common for people who use windows. The tool can support almost every file format that you need to open on the system. This tool is only for Windows users. You will have to get it according to the Windows version you are using. You can use the tool to edit or read the file on your system without much hassle. You will have to pay to use the tool but the cost is reasonable and the tool is worth it. If you have to open different file extensions on your system, you can consider using this tool.

Adobe Photoshop

How to open CR2 file on Windows

This is the tool that professionals use when it comes to editing and viewing pictures in high quality. So, this is one of the recommended tools to open a CR2 file on your system. This software has different advanced features that you can use to edit pictures and videos. Also, the workspace of this tool is quite customizable. The tool provides you with layer-based editing like most professional software does. Using the tool you can also remove objects from the pictures or apply patterns on the pictures. The tool is paid but you get to use the tool in a free trial for some time, You can then decide whether you want to continue using the tool or not.

ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio

open CR2 file on Windows

The next tool that we are going to discuss is also a professional tool that you can use to view digital pictures on your system. You can manage a lot of pictures with this application. Other than this, you can also use the application to share pictures over the Internet or you can also create slideshows. The application also provides you with a feature to look for pictures using the filter available. Moreover, you can also backup your gallery or sync them to the application so that they do not take much space in your device. This application is also a paid application that you will have to download from the internet. The application comes with a free trial during which you can enjoy all the features of the application and if you like them, you can buy the tool.

Apple Photos

How to open CR2 file on iOS

The next application on the list is for Apple users. Apple Photos is an application that you will find in every iOS device. It is bundled with it and you can use it for free. The application can be used for viewing, editing, and opening high graphics images. Using the application, you can also share pictures over the internet. Other than this, you can also view the pictures that are stored in the iCloud. You will get different tools that you can use to modify the images. Moreover, to edit the picture, there are different filters available. You can also create calendars, books using the application. If you want to open a CR2 file on iOS, this application can be your top priority.

Google Photos

open CR2 file on Web

Google Photos is compatible with almost every platform. This is a way to open a CR2 file on the web. You can sync the albums on your device with the Google photos by signing in to your account. Other than this, using this tool, you can also edit different pictures. There are different options and filters available that you can use the modify the picture according to you. Moreover, if you do not want to save the pictures in your device, you can save them on Google Photos. Moreover, the tool is free to use and you can access the pictures from wherever you want.

Adobe Photoshop Express

How to open CR2 file on Android

This application can be used with both iOS and Android. Moreover, the application is free to use. The application is available on the Playstore and App store. Using this tool, you can not only open the pictures with Canon digital camera but you can also open pictures that are captured by other cameras. You can also use the application to edit your pictures using the advanced tools provided in the application. Other than this, the application provides you with at least 20 filters that you can use on your system and 15 borders to apply.


open CR2 file on mac

The last application on the list is GIMP. You will have to use this application with the UFRaw Plug-in to open a CR2 file on your system. The tool is free to use and it resembles Adobe Photoshop. The features provided by this application is almost similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. You can also use this tool to open many other common formats that you will come across on your system. Other than this, there are many plug-ins available in this application that can help you to extend the functionality of the tool.

 So, this was how you can open a CR2 file on your system. We have tried to provide you with a list of all the applications that you can use to open CR2 file on the system. Hopefully, this article was helpful and informative for you.

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