MD File Extension:- What is an .Md File & How to open .md Extension

In this article, you would learn:

  • MD files expand to Markdown Documentation files.
  • You can open one with Visual Studio Code, Mark Pad, or another suitable text editor.
  • .MD files can be converted to DOCX, PDF, HTML, TXT, and several others with programs like Dillinger.

This article shall attempt to describe what exactly .MD files are, how you can open the different formats of the same .MD file (since there are several), and what would you be required to do for converting one into a different format.

What is an .MD File?

Open .md file

An .MD or .MARKDOWN file expands to a Markdown Documentation file. It is simply a plain text file that uses the Markdown language for describing how the document can be formatted. is a regular .MD file which contains text instructions.

The .MD file extension is used by SEGA Mega Drive ROM files as well. They are a virtual representation of a game from the SEGA Mega Drive console (known as SEGA Genesis in the USA). The MD file is used by the Emulation software for playing the game on an appropriate device.

Moneydance Financial Data is another file format using the .MD file extension. The MD file stores stock bank transactions account information, budgets, and other associated data for the Moneydance software. But, updated program versions use .MONEYDANCE extension files instead.

When MDCD compression is used to compress one or many files, the result is MDCD Compressed Archive, also using the .MD extension.

Even then, another MD file type is used for Machine Description files. They are programming files used by certain UNIX for compiling programs.

SharkPort Saved Game, too, use the MD files extension, too. They are PlayStation 2 games played on the SharkPort device used for copying saved games to a suitable device.

How to Open & Convert .MD Files?

As mentioned above, there are many types of file formats that utilize the MD file extension. It is essential to identify the kind of format your file is compatible with before you can decide upon using the program needed to convert or open it.


Since such MD files are merely plain text documents, you can open one with any text editor, like Notepad or WordPad in Windows. MarkPad is another viewer/editor which opens MARKDOWN, MKD, MDOWN, and MD files.


The mdcd10.arc compression or decompression software that can open MDCD compressed files.

As soon as the files have been extracted, you can go ahead and compress them in another format such as RAR, 7Z, or ZIP, using most unzip and file compression tools. This is how you “convert” such MD files.


MD files aka Machine Description files are the same as Markdown Documentation files somewhat, as they have been mentioned above. They are plain text files readable by any text editor. You might use any of the text editors discussed above for opening such types of files with an .MD extension.

There is very little reason for converting a Machine Description file in another format, however, if you require another text-based format, the editors will most certainly do.


PS2 Save Builder can be used for opening MD files alternatively used as SharkPort Saved Game files. It is used for opening similar file formats such as MAX, PWS, PSU, P2M, NPO, CBS, SPO, SPS, XPS, and XPO.

The PS2 Save Builder can be used for converting the .MD file into same formats also.

Are You Still Unable to Open .MD File?

Although opening your file through one of the programs mentioned above should be easy, there are many file formats that use an MD file extension. However, if you are misreading the file extension, it is highly possible that none of such programs might be suitable for your file.

Read your file extension once more; ensure that you are not confusing it with one similarly spelled. For instance, .MDB files will not work with the same software mentioned above as they are formatted in Microsoft Access file. The same stands true for several others such as MDF, MDW, MDJ, DM, MDD, MNY, MDX, MDI, and ND.

Look into the actual letters or/and numbers appended at the file’s end for finding more about your file’s format, including the programs that can be opened/played/read and how you might convert your file into a completely different format.

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