ICS File Extension: What is and How to open?

ICS files are Calendar files that help the user to share the calendar information over the web or through email. This file format is used mostly by Calendar programs or email programs. In these files, you will get information linked to the start time, end time, summary, or title of the calendar. It can also … Read more

PNG File Extension: What is and how to Open?

PNG (Portable Network Graphic) file format is used to store images in the bitmap compressed form. This file format uses lossless compression as you will see in GIF. This file format is mostly used to store images that have a transparent background or digital pictures. This is one of the most used file formats that … Read more

BMP File Extension- How to Open on PC and Phone?

The BMP file format was developed by Microsoft and these files contain images in an uncompressed format. These files are support monochrome and color images. It also supports the metadata of the images. You will usually find 2D images stored in this file format. The file format was developed keeping in mind that the image … Read more