DST File Extension: What is and How to Open?

There can be different programs that can create a DST (Data Stitch Tajima) file extension. It can be created by Autodesk AutoCAD tool,  embroidery machines, or DeSmuMe emulator. Different programs can help you to open the file on the system. To open the file, you first need to be sure that the file format is … Read more

OBJ File Extension: What is and How to Open?

OBJ file (Object File) format is a 3D image file format that you can open using the 3D image editing programs. The file can contain different 3-dimensional objects that can include all the three -dimensional details of the object like the coordinates, polygon faces, texture, and maps. Other than this, the files can contain references … Read more

EML File Extension : All about EML File

A highly common type of e-mail file format is EML files. They are usually attached to e-mail messages when forwarding. An .eml file extension, in its most basic form, is a single e-mail and .eml file can be viewed by using an ASCII file editor such as Notepad. While it can be possible for viewing … Read more

DDS File Extension: What is and How to Open?

DDS stands for DirectDraw Surface file format. This file contains all the image files stored in the DDS container. The file can contain both compressed and uncompressed files and it is mostly used to texture the video game units. You can also use the DDS file to save the desktop wallpapers and backgrounds. This file … Read more

AAE File Extension: What is and How to Open?

AAE file format is very common for iOS users. This file format contains the images that you have edited via the Photos application on the device. This file format is very common when you want to transfer the edit to someone. Sometimes you may also find the original images present with the edits in the … Read more