BAK File Extension – What is a Bak File and How to open it?

Have you ever stumbled upon a BAK file until today? If not, then let’s know what these BAK files are? Where can you find such BAK files? In this article, we will encounter the answers to these questions, and in addition to this, we will also get to know “How to open BAK files?” Certain parameters must be considered before opening, reading, editing, or replacing such files. Let’s understand what those with firstly know what these files are.


One must know that BAK is an extension given to specific files. This extension given to a file represents that it is a backup file stored either automatically or manually. So we know that these files are backup files to a variety of applications on your desktop. The purpose of the BAK file is to store copied one or more files. This will ensure that there is a backup of your data and you can relax.

BAK files are usually created automatically by programs for the same purpose, i.e. keeping backup of files. This can be created by a web browser too to store the bookmarks as a backup. The backed-up files are a dedicated backup program whose sole purpose is to archive one or more files. When your program is being overwritten, at this point the file may create a copy of the original file and append it with .bak extension. So, if in the future, the program wants to retrieve its original files, then it can be done by reaching this BAK file.

At times such files are created manually as well as by programmer’s user. You, too, can create a BAK file. But such files must be created without altering or deleting the original files. Therefore, you can just append “.bak” at the end of the file’s name, which contains all your new data ensuring safekeeping at the same time.

BAK File

Some applications that create .bak files are :

  • AutoCAD
  • Aspell
  • Blue Griffon
  • Fox Pro
  • Opera
  • Windows
  • WhatsApp
  • Outlook Express
  • SQL Server


When opening BAK files, the context or content in the file is most important, because the process of opening the files is dependent on it. So it is crucial to know what type of content is inside the specific files. Because there is no specific program or application that will open these files, for example, there can be a program that opens all JPG files, but it is not the same with BAK files.

So let’s understand the opening of BAK files with some examples here.

Every program is responsible for the creation of BAK files in its directory. So, in a file full of music files you find a BAK file then such BAK file is related to some media file. So to open such BAK file just rename the file with an extension like .mp3 or .wav. Try opening it after renaming it. It will give you the expected response.

Another example can be, when you edit a file in Windows registry rename that file with an extension .bak. This will ensure that the original registry value is stored and the new one is overwritten correctly and can restore the original file in case of any problem. This can be done by renaming the .bak file to the original and delete the extension .bak to restore the original file.

The next example is of a file on your computer, which is named registrybackup.reg.bak. This file is a REG that the user didn’t alter and hence made an alternate file and renamed it with a BAK extension and hence the user could make changes. This ensured the user that the original file stays intact and remained unaltered. In case the altered file goes wrong and threatens the process of the program, then it can be easily replaced with the original file.

Well, now you know what BAK files are. You will not be surprised in the future when you encounter such files. You will, for sure handle it the right way and become a pro. Always make sure that you have a BAK file to back your programs and save huge troubles.

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