How to Open JSON File on PC? [Full Guide]

JSON file format is usually produced by Javascript programs. These files contain data structure and data objects for Javascript. These files are used to transmit the Javascript data over the web or download Javascript data from the web. Everybody is not aware of what JSON files are and what to do when you come across … Read more

How to Open MP4 File Extension? [easy methods]

MP4 format is a very common format that you are going to find your movies and videos in. Whenever you download a movie or a video from the internet, it is usually downloaded in the Mp4 format. This format was introduced by the Moving Picture Experts Group (Mpeg). This was developed to contain different compressed … Read more

How to Open SWF Files?- All Updated Methods

SWF  is an abbreviation for Shockwave Flash Movie File. This file is pronounced as Swiff. This file is very common if you generally work with Adobe. Usually, adobe programs create this file format but you may also get the same format from other programs as well. These files contain all the high-quality videos or movies. … Read more